Medical Marijuana Health Canada

Health Canada’s Take on Medical Marijuana

Health Canada is the official department of the Canadian government that has the responsibility for ensuring nationwide public health. The main aim of this department is to help the people maintain their health, as well as improve their health by passing laws and regulations as suited. The government body regulates the production, import, distribution and sale of drugs, consumer products, pest control products, biologics, medical devices, tobacco and natural health products.

The team inspects and investigates all products to ensure that they are safe to use, maintain good quality and are labeled and sold in the right manner as per the Canadian law. They are also responsible to ensure that the country people are safe from potentially harmful products and drugs.

When it comes to marijuana, Health Canada has very strict laws in order to ensure that the drug is not used in a way that could harm anybody. Earlier, all buying and selling of medical marijuana was entirely done with the permission of Health Canada alone. But after recent research that has shown how medical marijuana can improve the health of individuals, a new regulation has been passed. This allows dispensaries to sell the drug to those who have proper medical document from a registered health practitioner, and the doctor who prescribes the drug should take the complete responsibility.

The new law has made it possible for licensed marijuana producers to grow the plant and sell the products in a responsible manner. Despite becoming a little liberal, the government body has made its position clear about medical marijuana. It has clearly stated that it does not endorse the use of the drug and that marijuana is no way an approved medicine or drug. However, a federal program exists because the courts have allowed reasonable access to a legal source of the drug meant to be used for medical purposes.

Why is Marijuana Still Not an Approved Drug?

I am sure many would ask this question simply because research and studies have shown that the medical use of this drug can alleviate chronic pain and offer relief from stress related problems. Well, Health Canada works similar to the FDA and the organization is responsible for reviewing each drug and approving or disapproving it. The pharmaceutical companies need to typically submit numerous extensively carried out clinical trials and data to get a new drug approved by the body.

According to Health Canada, medical marijuana has still not been accepted as a prescription drug because the drug has not undergone rigorous scientific trials to ensure that it is completely safe to use. Some clinical data of course exists based on which a regulated use of medical marijuana is allowed, however no government agency or company has yet come forward to provide funding for large-scale trials on medical marijuana.

Recently, Health Canada has published a review related to the medical use of marijuana, and this review can be easily accessed on the official website of Health Canada. It covers the potential therapeutic uses, allowed doses, adverse effects, and precautions to be taken.

Also known as Marijuana and Cannabis